about ipole K' idoma

The Idoma people are famous for their hospitable disposition as well as rich cultural heritage.The Idoma Nation, a scion of the Kwararafa Confederacy of old, is today, no doubt one of the highly educated ethnic nationalities in the country. Idomas are today spread across the globe engaged in various disciplines in which so many have distinguished themselves. Though a minority in terms of numbers, they are highly informed and intellectually conscious and as a result they often command attention. Yet they lack a globalised forum for genuine interaction in today’s world that has literally become a Village as a result of the Internet
The Internet has therefore made it possible to re-invent among us our traditional republican value of gathering and debating and telling stories under giant trees or huts which serve as arenas for our various communities.
idoma.info, will serve as the online arena of all Idoma sons and daughters (Ipole k’Idoma or ...). Here, all proud Idoma children should feel at home to share their views and bare their minds
on critical issues of fundamental concern to the progress or development of Idoma nationalism or consciousness.
This is a forum that is open and a proud property of every Idoma male and female, young and old. Suggestions on making it a compelling site for online visitations by even non-Idomas especially our brother Kwararafans is an obligation and duty of all children of Idoma.



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